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What Are the Treatments for Autism in El Paso

A little girl putting together a puzzle in her autism therapy session in El Paso.

You want the best for your child and seeking help for their autism can be a struggle. At our clinic in El Paso, our mission is to emphasize the unique needs of each of our patients. When your child has not met important developmental milestones, our El Paso pediatric therapy services can help. At Pasitos Clinic, we want the best for your child and your family, which is why we also offer emotional support and community advocacy for families affected by autism.

Pasitos Clinic provides effective treatment for children with autism by using a community-based collaboration for comprehensive services at our clinic. Our specialized therapists work together to help them reach developmental milestones and live a fulfilling and active life. Autism therapy involves a variety of effective treatments including occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy. Read more to learn about the available treatments for autism and how they can help your child.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps to build, recover, or adapt your child’s unique skills via the use of assessments, modalities, and various therapeutic interventions. The goal is to help them increase their everyday functions at home, school, and other places in the community by working with your child on their social skills, communication, cognitive tasks, sensory skills, and motor skills. Benefits of occupational therapy include:

  • Improved focus on academic assignments
  • Appropriate communication with peers, family members, and superiors
  • Foster new and maintain current relationships
  • Learn to delay gratification
  • Become more independent and gain confidence
  • Regulate and express emotions

Speech Therapy

Pediatric speech therapy supports your child’s communication development. Stuttering, difficulty forming sentences, babbling, and a limited vocabulary for your child’s age are all signs it may be time to seek out a speech therapist. In most cases, the sooner a child begins speech therapy as an integrative plan for their development, the higher the chances of a better outcome of a child gaining adaptive speech skills to communicate with others. Speech therapy can also help your child with the following:

  • Communicating with others in different settings
  • Taking turns in conversations
  • Transitioning from one task to a new task
  • Reading and writing skills
  • Utilizing various communication supports

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be another useful tool in helping your child’s development if they have been diagnosed with autism. A delay in forming motor skills is often seen in children with autism, as your child may restrict certain behaviors related to movement, or they may exhibit repetitive behavior patterns, such as rocking or flapping. These physical developmental delays may lead to low muscle tone and troubles with gross motor coordination which can affect daily functioning, social development, and physical development. Physical therapy may help benefit your child on the spectrum in the following ways:

  • Improve balance, coordination, and development of gross motor skills
  • Foster better behavior and increase mood
  • Improve confidence in social settings
  • Encourage proper movement to correct muscle tone difficulties
  • Provide education to parents and families on how to engage in physical activity with their loved one with autism

Start Your Child’s Healing Journey Today

Autism spectrum disorder involves a range of conditions, which is why we use a collaborative approach at Pasitos Clinic and work with a team of specialists to provide your child with comprehensive quality care. To ensure your child receives the help they need, it is best to begin autism therapy services as early as possible.

Call today at (915) 307-7612 to learn more about El Paso autism therapy or to schedule your child’s path to wellness.

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