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Short Term and Long Term Benefits of Speech Therapy For Your Child

A child’s development is not black and white. As human beings, there is a myriad of factors and characteristics that make us all different, not to mention biological and environmental differences. As with other skills and milestones, the age kids begin speaking can vary. These differences are not always a clear indication of anything. Take […]

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Occupational Therapy: How It Benefits Your Child

Occupational therapy, as the name suggests, is simply therapy intended to help patients with everyday tasks, activities, and life roles. Occupational therapy is typically associated with older adults or victims of injury, but can also be offered for children or individuals with mental illness.  At Pasitos Clinic, we offer pediatric occupational therapy, which helps children […]

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Early Signs of Autism and What Parents Should Do Next

As children grow up, they go through certain milestones that show their mental and physical progression. Simple things such as playing peek-a-boo or even tightly gripping one’s finger are crucial signs of positive development. Some children, however, may not reach these milestones for certain reasons. So, if you notice your child isn’t like most children, […]

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