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Understanding Autism: What Parents Should Know

Autism spectrum disorder—also simply known as autism—is a developmental disability that affects over 200,000 patients in the United States per year. Those diagnosed with autism face significant challenges relating to communication and behavior. Since it is a spectrum, autism affects those diagnosed differently. Some may require a lot of help in order to live comfortably […]

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Autism: Early Detection and How Therapy Can Help

When a baby is born, everything is brand new to her. Sounds, sunlight, tastes, and emotions all come with a “New” tag. This is, after all, their time of learning about the world that surrounds them. As a baby develops, she will begin to show her personality, even if it simply manifests in giggles or […]

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Does My Baby Need Pediatric Speech Therapy Services?

Parents look forward to the day when their child speaks for the first time. Whether it be the word “mama,” “dada,” or any variation therein, it truly is an incomparable moment. These little creatures begin to learn about the world around them, gathering information with each passing minute. It’s a whole new world for them, […]

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