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How Pediatric Behavioral Therapy Can Help Your Child

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, emotional and behavioral disorders affect 10 to 15 percent of children globally. Parents might first be taken aback when their child is diagnosed, but pediatric behavioral therapy can help families deal with some of these issues early. Pasitos Clinic in El Paso is here to help parents and children get the proper guidance and therapy to help their children thrive and lead a better and more productive life.

Helping Children with ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a common disorder. In 2016, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 9.4% of children 2-17 years of age had been diagnosed with ADHD. The symptoms of this disorder can vary in variety and degree, but range from constant interrupting, difficulty concentrating and focusing on one task, emotional turmoil and extremes, excessive fidgetiness, impulsiveness, and trouble getting organized.

Behavioral Intervention

The main concept behind behavioral therapy is that it provides children with the tools to combat the impulses of their own behavior. There are two kinds of therapy for kids with this condition: one is in the form of medication and the other is a type of training used to curb behavior. Many children however, can make considerable strides in controlling their own issues and become successful and productive in life.

For Kids

Many kids with ADHD are likely to lash out at home; this begins to affect their relationships not only with other children in school but with their parents at home. Many forms of behavioral therapy will teach children to establish better relationships with the adults in their lives. Much of the training is focused on getting kids to understand their own feelings, impulses, and emotions as a way to rein in the behavior and control it before it gets out of control. This establishes healthy habits and encourages self control.

Teaching kids tools and skills to better organize themselves and stay on top of their tasks is another way to help them on their way to navigating the world of school and work without falling behind. This can include guiding young kids through tactics and methods they can use to remain organized.

For Parents

Behavioral therapies often also involve the parents of children with the condition. This is so that parents learn better ways to interact and react to their children’s behavior. Many of these methods teach parents to use praise, positive reinforcement, and better communication skills as a way to get kids to understand the consequences of their own behavior.

Get Guidance with Pasitos Clinic

Here at Pasitos our mission is to help you get the guidance you need for whatever behavioral issue your child might be having. Children with ADHD can do very well even without medication and just through consistent and disciplined practice of pediatric behavioral therapy.

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