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Early Signs of Autism and What Parents Should Do Next

child covering her ears in a kindergarten room

As children grow up, they go through certain milestones that show their mental and physical progression. Simple things such as playing peek-a-boo or even tightly gripping one’s finger are crucial signs of positive development. Some children, however, may not reach these milestones for certain reasons. So, if you notice your child isn’t like most children, it might be time to speak with a pediatric therapist from Pasitos Clinic!

No Eye Contact

One of the first signs many parents notice in their children is avoidance of eye contact. If your child doesn’t seem to be comfortable making eye contact, even at a young age, then it could be an early sign of autism. When it comes to autism, early detection is key. So, if something seems the matter with your child, it’s necessary to seek pediatric therapy services.

Delayed Communication Skills

Along with the first steps, a baby’s first words are often seen as the pinnacle in terms of milestones. But if your child seems to have a delay in communication skills, then it might be a sign of autism. Even babies should start babbling at a relatively young age. Silent children may require speech therapy services. Remember, the earlier your child receives therapy, the better!

Difficulty Understanding Other’s Emotions

This sign might become noticeable more in toddlers and young children than in babies. Often times, children with autism can’t understand emotions or sarcasm from others. If a person says something with a straight face, the child will believe the person is being serious. If the person is smiling, then the child will be able to determine that what the person is saying is a happy and positive thing. But if you switch the faces, then the child might become confused. The same can be said for sadness or other strong emotions. If your child seems to be having trouble understanding the emotions of others (be they classmates, siblings, or teachers), then you should contact Pasitos Clinic. We’re here to help!

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