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Does My Baby Need Pediatric Speech Therapy Services?

A young mother playing with her child with crayonsParents look forward to the day when their child speaks for the first time. Whether it be the word “mama,” “dada,” or any variation therein, it truly is an incomparable moment. These little creatures begin to learn about the world around them, gathering information with each passing minute. It’s a whole new world for them, after all! Although toddlers are known for their cute voices and adorable way of incorrectly pronouncing things, there are certain things parents should be aware of. If your child is talking very little or not talking at all from the age of 18 months to three years, then it may be time to seek pediatric speech therapy services from Pasitos Clinic.

Pediatric Speech Therapy: Keep Your Ears Open

On the surface, it may seem nearly impossible to differentiate between a baby who requires speech therapy and one who’s simply learning how to speak. Babies, after all, are known for the way they mispronounce certain words. In order to help, we’ve created a timeline of milestones your child should reach. This way, you’ll know whether or not pediatric speech therapy will be necessary.

Once Your Child Reaches 18 Months of Age

At 18 months of age, babies begin to be vocal. If, by this point, your baby can say “no,” can use around ten words, can identify simple animals or objects, can answer what-is-this questions, and can follow simple instructions, then their speech journey is coming along splendidly! If any issues occur, it’s in your baby’s best interest to seek speech therapy assistance.

How Should 2-Year Old Communicate?

At two years old, your baby should begin to use consonants while speaking. She should also be able to identify pictures in books and should be able to connect two words in simple sentences. By this age, you should be able to understand what your child is saying. If this isn’t the case, then it should raise some red flags. If your child isn’t using many words or isn’t talking at all, then it may be time to visit the speech pathologist.

Pasitos Clinic Can Help!

If you notice that your child is having trouble speaking or stringing words together, contact Pasitos Clinic. Our team of friendly and experienced speech pathologists is ready to help. If you have any questions or concerns, simply give us a call or visit us for a consultation.

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