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Developmental Delays: What Are They and What Parents Should Do Next

a mother playing with a child with developmental delay issuesThe path from birth to toddlerhood is paved with certain developmental milestones. Children achieve these milestones from one month of life all the way to the age of five years. As a child grows and develops, she gains the ability to do more complex things. The five “normal” development skills are gross motor, fine motor, language, cognitive, and social. Children with developmental delays may require therapy services in order to live happy, fruitful lives. Pasitos Clinic is El Paso’s source for pediatric therapy services. We’re ready to help.

Gross Motor Skills

The term “gross motor skills” refers to the usage of large muscle groups to sit, stand, or walk. If your child is experiencing issues with keeping balance or changing positions, then there’s a chance her gross motor skills aren’t developing normally.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills, on the other hand, refer to more delicate movements such as using hands to eat, draw, or play. Although these movements may sound complex, a child’s development can be apparent as early as 1 month of age. Ever notice how babies tend to keep their tiny hands in tight fists? This is a sign the child is developing normally. Another early sign is the state of the child’s head when unsupported.

Language Skills

Children should begin to babble at 4 months of age. They should also be able to babble with expression or copy sounds she hears. At this age, babies should be able to cry in different ways in order to display different emotions or feelings (such as hunger or pain). At 12 months, children should be able to try to imitate words or say “mama” or “dada.” If at 12 months your child does not say single words, you should speak with your child’s pediatrician.

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills encompass any form of thinking. Babies should start to learn, understand, reason, remember, and solve problems early on in life. At 12 months, for example, your child should begin to imitate gestures. If by this age the child does not imitate simple gestures such as waving or shaking her head, then it is time to speak with the child’s pediatrician.

Social Skills

The difference between social and cognitive skill can be similar to that between gross and fine motor skills. Social skills, then, refer to interactions with others such as cooperating and responding to other’s feelings. It’s completely natural for children to be shy or anxious around strangers or to cry when a parent leaves. If at 12 months, a child does not display these skills, then they may be experiencing developmental issues.

Pasitos Clinic Can Help Children with Developmental Delays

If your child doesn’t seem to be developing normally, Pasitos Clinic can help. Developmental delays can be recognized as early as one month of age and early intervention can positively aid your child as she develops and grows. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do to help.

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