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Author: Otto

Speech Therapy Parents Can Use at Home to Support Their Children 

Professional speech therapy is the best method of care a parent can provide their child to help overcome speech disorders. What many parents don’t know is that there are many ways that they can help their children work towards developing their speech outside of the doctor’s office. Even some of the simplest techniques and practices […]

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Common Speech Disorders in Children and How to Recognize Them 

The mechanisms that humans use to speak are far more intricate than first meets the eye. Just like human anatomy in general, the inner workings required for us to conceptualize what we want to say and form it into syllables and sounds require cooperation from stomach muscles, tongue, lips, nose,  larynx, and the coordination of […]

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How to Enhance Your Child’s Learning Experience at Home 

The past year has definitely taken an interesting turn, especially for those who are still in school. Some parents have noticed that their children are having a harder time focusing or feel easily discouraged by “going to school” at home. In some schools across the U.S., teachers are finding it difficult to make their lessons […]

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How Physical Therapy Can Help Your Child Thrive 

When people think of physical therapy, it’s often associated with adult injuries, post-surgery, or trauma-related rehabilitation. This is all accurate, of course, physical therapy helps people regain mobility after they have been injured. The profession of physical therapy has made incredible strides in recent decades in regard to developmental deficiencies in babies and children. Early […]

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