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Pediatric Rehabilitation Services

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Pasitos Clinic: Helping Families One Step at a Time

Children deserve to live their lives to the fullest. A special need or disability shouldn’t stand in your child’s way when it comes to experiencing the world.

Pasitos Clinic joins efforts in order to help children obtain the highest level of quality living. We achieve this by helping children reach developmental milestones in order for them to live a full and active life. As an early childhood development center, our goal is to help families, one step at a time. When a child is embraced by a reputable, multidisciplinary healthcare team—which includes doctors, therapists, psychologists, social workers, and teachers who understand and have the experience necessary to respond to the child’s special needs—the child and the child’s family alike will benefit immensely.

An Early Childhood Development Center Providing Pediatric Therapy Services to the Children of El Paso

Pasitos Clinic is an outpatient pediatric treatment facility and early childhood development center offering speech, occupational, and physical therapies along with advocacy services to children diagnosed with developmentally delayed conditions.

The Pasitos Clinic team is made up of 11 therapists and six support staff members.

Together, our team is completely devoted to helping children with special needs and their families. Pasitos Clinic is a one-stop clinic evaluating and treating children with special needs. We also offer advocacy and emotional support for families with special needs children.


Helping Children and Families Alike

Our unique focus is to address the special needs of children who are unable to adapt to society under normal circumstances.


Our early childhood development center offers advocacy for children with disabilities by providing collaborative treatment services with the child’s pediatrician, developmental specialist, neurologist, school staff, and any other community-based agencies.

Not only do we focus on helping the child, we also provide support to assist family members in understanding what the child is facing. It’s necessary for those closest to the child in need to become part of the child’s rehabilitation process. Together, we can help children with special needs or disabilities live their lives to the fullest.

Understanding the Positive Impact of Pediatric Therapy

Pediatric therapy involves the child’s family almost as much as the child herself. At Pasitos Clinic, we understand how difficult it is for families to deal with the shock after learning their child has a developmental condition.

That's why we offer emotional support to families in order to help them accept and deal with the many feelings that arise due to their child’s condition. We also offer information in order to educate parents and families with all the facts relating to their child’s condition. Knowledge is power and it’s intrinsically important for parents to know as much as possible about their child’s condition. This way, the parents will be capable and adept at navigating their child through habilitation and rehabilitation.

Meet the Owners

Luis A. Soriano

is a Licensed Masters Clinical Social Worker with 20 years of experience in diagnosing, evaluating, and treating developmental delayed children. He graduated from New Mexico State University with a Bachelors in Social Work in 1992 and Masters in Social Work in 1994. Mr. Soriano has worked with the special education department, in-patient psychiatric treatment facility, and in out-patient mental health clinics.

Hilda Soriano

graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy from New Mexico State University in 1996 and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2005. She has over 15 years of business management and accounting experience.

Pasitos Clinic is Ready to Help

It is our goal to provide all-encompassing pediatric therapy services to the children of El Paso. Pasitos Clinic accepts Medicaid and Tricare.

We accept all Medicaid and some private insurances. Pasitos Clinic is conveniently located at 406 Chelsea St, El Paso. Being located in El Paso’s Central area allows our early childhood development center the ability to treat children from all over town. Children and families can join Pasitos Clinic today in order to take their first steps towards rehabilitation! Contact or visit us to find out more about what we can do to help your child live life to the fullest.